Author Profile

Author and Multimedia journalist

Through my professional career in journalism, I have been on special assignments in Bosnia during the war in 1994 and reported from Sudan in 1989. Libya, Algeria, France, Hong Kong and Germany

Interviewees include:-

Prime Minister Meles Zinawi, Eritrean President Isaisi Afewerki, President of South Sudan Silva Kiir, first interview from behind bars with Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Libyan President Moamar Ghadafi, Former Arab league Secretary Amr Moussa, Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Former Egypt’s NDP Secretary for political committee Gamal Mubarak, Former First Lady of Egypt Suzan Mubarak, Sudanese President Omar Elbashir, Former Sudanese president Gafar Nomiri

Member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the United Kingdom

Member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate

One of the International Emmy Awards 2010 Jurors

Host of three current affairs shows

“Third Opinion”

 “Special Edition”

 “Point of View”

Columnist                                                                            August 2011 to date

Almasry Alyoum Newspaper                                      Cairo, Egypt

Current affairs weekly column that covers current affairs issues

President of Egypt News Center                                               2005 – March 2011

Egyptian Radio and Television Union                       Cairo, Egypt

Increased the number of newscasts and changed its format and content in state TV general stations to move with news reporting to the concept of public TV.

Prepared for the re-launch of Egypt’s only news station

Re launched Nile International which is Egypt’s English, French and Hebrew speaking station as a news station.

 Introduced the news sms service to the Egyptian public

Established first Radio station in Egypt that presents news mixed with entertainment.

Established first official 4 news websites in Egypt; Arabic, English, French and Hebrew.

Centralized news reporting for all state television stations and news websites with the four languages.

Bureau chief of Cairo office                                                                                         2000 – 2005

Asharq Alawsat Newspaper                                                                        Cairo, Egypt

Managing Editor                                                                                                            1995 – 2000

Asharq Alawsat Newspaper                                                                        London, UK

Managing Editor                                                                                                               1992 – 1995

Almegalah Magazine                                                                                      London, UK

Bureau chief of Cairo office                                                                                         1986 – 1992

Almegalah Magazine                                                                                      Cairo, Egypt

Journalist                                                                                                             1982 – 1986

Almegalah Magazine                                                                                      Cairo, Egypt

Journalist                                                                                             1982 – 1984

Alahram Aleqtesady Magazine                                                                                  Cairo, Egypt

                Columnist                                                                                            Cairo, Egypt

Alahram Newspaper                                                                   2005-2011

Current affairs daily column that covers current affairs issues

Alahram Almesaee Newspaper                                                              2009-2011

Current affairs weekly column that covers current affairs issues

Alwatan Alsaoudia Newspaper                                                               2008-2010

Current affairs daily column that covers current affairs issues

Asharq Alawsat Newspaper                                                     2000-2005

Current affairs weekly column that covers current affairs issues


                Best Interview in 1986 on the first interview with former Sudanese President Gafar Nomiri.

                Best Print Interview in 1989 on a number of interviews in “Almegalah” magazine.

                The Committee Award at the Television and Radio Cairo Festival in 1998 on the documentary “Egypt and Syria Union”.

                The Committee Award for Best Television Interview at the Television and Radio Cairo Festival in 2001 on the program “Third Opinion”.


                “Copts, the Church or the Nation?”

The book uses pivots around an interview with Coptic Pope Shenouda the Third to show the Coptic political terrain in Egypt before and after the 1952 Revolution until the end of Late President Anwar AlSadat’s rule

                “Raise the Ceiling”

A collection of columns that I wrote showing the Egyptian reality during that period of time.

                “Unfinished Sentences”

The book reviews the Arab, Egyptian current political situation

                “Reformation of Gamat Islamia in Egypt, Witness to the Stop of Violence”.

The book follows the steps of Gamat leaders to change its direction away from violence

                “A little bit before the 25th of January”

The book is a collection of my articles published during the year 2010 and until the end of January 2011 in different Egyptian newspapers focusing on various public issues.

 “Tahrir- the last eighteen days of Mubarak”

Inside witness statement of the events of 25th of January in Egypt

                Future projects include writing a book on the Aljihad group through interviews with its leaders inside and outside of prison


                JOURNALISM (BA) Cairo University          May 1982


                Organized a campaign to teach elderly to read and write in various Egypt governorates

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